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Tesah Investment Solutions

Our Investment & Fund Management Services

Open an investment account that gives you the opportunity to invest in a wide range of asset classes such as Government of Ghana securities, Local Government and Statutory Agencies securities, Corporate Bonds, Collective Investment Schemes and Equities.

Investment Accounts

Wealth Management

We help you grow and protect your wealth over time through a well-defined investment strategy that suits specific individual financial objectives.

Institutional Funds​

We offer tailor made fund management services for institutions, corporates, churches, clubs and associations to meet specific investment objectives with competitive returns. Our institutional fund management proposition includes the setup of the fund, investment policy statement design, templates for trust deeds; and fund administration services where applicable. Our institutional fund management services include:


We lead the way to the African investment market; breaking the boundaries of the African investment market

Let us work together to put your funds to smart use and grow your investment portfolio.

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