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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You will need to upload the following documents as part of the account opening process;

  • Valid Ghana Card
  • Passport-sized picture
  • Proof of address (e.g., Utility bill or screen shot of google map)
  • Signature

You can conveniently top up your investment account using any of our self-service or digital channels below:

Alternatively, you can top up your investment account through any of our bank accounts or through mobile money

You can request for withdrawal through any of the following;

  • Email
  • Download a withdrawal form via our website (www.tesahcapital.com)
  • Visit our office to complete a withdrawal form

You can request an appointment with a financial advisor through the following means;

  • Complete a contact form on our website
  • Call our office on 0302 977 813/471
  • Send an email request to clientservice@tesah.azurewebsites.net

We lead the way to the African investment market; breaking the boundaries of the African investment market

Let us work together to put your funds to smart use and grow your investment portfolio.

Get in touch with an investment professional.

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