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SSNIT Emporium (8th Floor)
Liberation Road
Airport City, Accra
GPS: GL-126-4342


+233 302 977813
+233 302 977471



Frequently asked questions

The founder and former sole shareholder of the company, Mr. Oko Nii-Koi Dzani, offered to divest himself of all his shares to enable the new shareholder drive the vision of making the company a major player in the African investments management market. The former sole shareholder is in full support of the new vision and direction of the company.
Kleeve & Tove, an investment holding and management firm based in Ghana, is the new sole shareholder in NDK Capital. Kleeve & Tove has a track record of diverse investments in real estate, agriculture and petroleum services.
Yes. No doubt about that. Do continue to transact business with the company as you’ve always done and rest assured that the change in ownership will only result in better services, improved efficiency and the delivery of the best returns. In addition, the company remains in good standing with the regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission.
No. Just make sure that your contact details with NDK Capital are up to date so we can continue to keep you abreast of the exciting changes, the innovations and new products and services.
NDK Capital remains in business because of you, the customer. You are going to be placed front and centre of everything the company does. You are going to be introduced in the coming weeks and months to a new suite of products and technological innovations to bring the company closer to you.