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Investment Account

Tesah Trust Account

Tesah Trust Account

The Tesah Trust Account (TTA) offers the opportunity to resident and non-resident individuals to open an investment account in trust for another adult (resident and non-resident). The account holder may choose to have authority over the account and make investment decisions on the account. Open a TTA now for that relative, worker, etc.


  • Zero opening balance – Open an account today to join the Tesah family and fund it later.
  • Flexible Payments – You can top up your account at any time.
  • Variable Asset Allocation – Funds are allocated to various asset classes based on your objective, risk profile and other vital information you provide.
  • Account Co-management – Option to permit a trusted third party to contribute to the management of your account
  • Objective setting – Your success is our success. Set your target and let us guide you and work with you towards your goal.
  • Free access to our digital platforms – Web and Mobile App.
  • Free email alerts and statements – Know the status of your investments. Receive regular information on your investments.
  • Payment orders to third party – We shall accept and process your instructions to make payments to others on your behalf from your investment.
  • Online deposits and withdrawals – Topping up your investment account or making a withdrawal from your investment account is easy with our online withdrawal and deposit options.
  • Investments can serve as collateral for loans and advances – Grow your investment account and use it to secure a credit facility. Your investment continues to grow during the life of the credit facility.
  • Free market insights – Access to our market updates, investment trends, portfolio strategies and investor behaviour.
Access to:
  • Government of Ghana Securities 
  • Local Government and Statutory Agencies: Eg. Cocoa Bills, ESLA Bonds 
  • Corporate Bond: Bonds issued and listed on the Ghana Fixed Income Market. 
  • Kiddifund Mutual Fund licensed by the SEC of Ghana. 
  • Equities: Equities Listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange.


Eligibility & Requirements
  • Duly completed account opening form
  • One passport photograph (digital photographs allowed)
  • Proof of identification of the trustee and beneficiary (valid photo ID)
  • Proof of residential address (utility bill issued within the last 3 months)
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Let us work together to put your funds to smart use and grow your wealth.

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