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The Tesah Treasury Trust is an open-ended money market unit trust that will invest primarily in government treasury bills, notes and bonds, quasi-government securities and other short term corporate instruments such as fixed deposits, certificates of deposits and commercial papers.

The Tesah Treasury Trust has an objective of maximizing short term income while aiming to preserve capital and to maintain a high degree of liquidity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Tesah Treasury Trust?

The Tesah Treasury Trust is an open-ended money market unit trust which invest primarily in short term money market instruments issued by the Government of Ghana, Quasi-Government and Corporates.

2. What are the benefits of investing in Tesah Treasury Trust?

  • Generate competitive returns at relatively lower risk.
  • Provide diversification across different maturity profiles and yields
  • Provide liquidity – easy redemption of funds invested
  • Preservation of Capital

3. Are there any fees charged?

There are no front load or redemption fees that are charged. The only fees that are to be charged are fund management fees.

4. How do I sign up to the Tesah Treasury Trust?

The following avenues can be used to open a TTT account
  • Tesah Mobile (Mobile app)
  • Web portal (Visit www.tesahcapital.com)
  • USSD code: *447*707#
  • Contact Tesah Capital on 0302 977813 / 0501571467

5. How long will it take to receive my funds if I request a withdrawal?

Investors shall receive their funds within 48 hours upon request.

6. Are there any penalties when you withdraw?

There are no redemption charges.

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