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What type of investor are you?

It is important to define and implement an investment strategy that is unique to your personal profile. Investor profile measures two key factors: Time Horizon, and Risk Tolerance Level. Knowing the type of investor you are is based on the key factors listed above, and, helps you to determine how you might allocate your money […]

SEC ramps up public engagement efforts to re-instill market confidence

The Securities and Exchange Commission has announced it has enhanced its structures to include robust public engagement policies to continue to educate the public on its operations and investment opportunities in the Ghanaian market. Speaking at a webinar organised by Tesah Capital, Deputy Director-General of SEC, Paul Ababio said the commission’s new approach aims to […]

Performance of Selected African Stock Markets In 2020

The year 2020 started out on a good note for most African stock markets, with opportunities and investment prospects catching the attention of both local and foreign investors. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, resulted in a reduction in market activities and various indexes turned red by close of year 2020. Selling pressures intensified […]

Inflation Review and Outlook for 2021: What Could this Mean for Fixed Income Investors?

Inflation has seen a steady decline after peaking at 11.4% in July, 2020 on account of sharp price increases during the lockdown period, fueled mainly by supply chain disruptions. Inflation has since moderated to the government’s target band of 8%±2%, settling at 9.8% in November, 2020. The downward trend in inflation has been attributed to […]

Exchange Rate Performance: Selected African Countries in 2020

It’s been a volatile stretch for the currency market in 2020 following the general slowdown in economic activities resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. In this article, Tesah Capital analyzed the performance of sixteen (16) currencies on the Africa continent. The Ivory Coast’s CFA against the Dollar averaged USD/XOF 574.45 throughout the year at a YTD appreciation rate […]

Consistent Dividend Paying Stocks on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE)

A number of listed companies on the GSE regularly pay out a portion of their profits to shareholders which is referred to as dividends. Paying dividends usually sends a message about a company’s future prospects and financial strength. Dividend payments may be in the form of cash, shares or property and are usually paid annually […]

Bank of Ghana is Deservedly the Best Central Bank in the World for 2020

A central bank is an institution responsible for formulating monetary policy to achieve price stability and help manage economic fluctuations. In the wake of the economic downturn of the Covid-19 pandemic, central banks globally responded with unprecedented monetary accommodation to mitigate the impact of the pandemic shock on households and businesses. The Financial Stability Board […]