What an IMF Program Means to the Government of Ghana

On Friday July 1, 2022, the president of Ghana authorised the finance minister Ken Ofori-Atta to commence formal engagement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), inviting the Fund to support an economic program put together by the Government of Ghana. We, at Tesah Capital, expect the government to request for an Extended Credit Facility (ECF) […]

Budget 2022 and Ghana’s Public Debt: The Plan to Achieve Debt Sustainability

Ghana’s parliament approved the 2022 budget on November 30th, 2021, reversing an earlier rejection by opposition lawmakers after MPs from the majority side staged a walkout. Budget 2022 has been the most contentious in recent history. At the center of the contention is the new 1.75% levy on all electronic transactions including mobile money (Momo) […]

Tesah Capital sets up investment funds for KETASCO NSMQ finalists

Tesah Capital has set up investment accounts for finalists of National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) from Keta Senior High School. The three contestants, Bright Senyo Gadzo, Francisca Lamini and James Lutterodt beat all odds to establish KETASCO as one of the most successful at the just ended 2021 NSMQ, being the first Volta-Oti team […]

2022 Budget: Projected 42.9% increment in revenue necessary for debt sustainability – Tesah Capital

Ghana 2022 Budget - Tesah Capital

Asset management company, Tesah Capital, has described as bold and necessary for debt sustainability, government’s plan to raise GHS100.5 billion in total revenue for the 2022 fiscal year.            Tesah Capital notes the projected revenue which represents a 42.9 percentage points increment (GHS30.5 billion) on the 2021 revenue outturn of GHS70.34 billion will increase the revenue […]

Ghana’s sovereign credit ratings: should investors be concerned?

Tesah MPC

While investors especially foreigners may find it economically viable to invest in developing countries, credit quality reports that evaluate the creditworthiness of a country are considered essential for investment decisions and cannot be ignored. Ghana has maintained its sovereign credit ratings for the past three (3) years (2017-2019). The Sovereign Credit Rating (SCR) assigned to […]