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Monthly Contributions Calculator

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How much do you want to invest each month?
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Terms and Condition

  1. The Investment Calculator can help you determine how much you will need to invest monthly to meet a desired investment target. It can also be used to calculate a future amount (End balance) based on whether you invest a lump sum amount or make monthly contributions. For the purpose of calculation, you will be required to input an expected annual average return as well as the time frame within which you intend to invest. For the expected annual average return, we recommend you use the track record of an existing investment product (eg. 182 T-Bill rate) as your starting point. The calculator, based on assumed rate of returns, is meant for illustration purposes only.

  2. The calculations are not based on any concrete forecasts of the future return of the debt and equity markets / sectors or of any individual security and should not be construed as facts or concrete promises on minimum returns and/or a safeguard of capital. In the preparation of the calculator, Tesah Capital Limited has used information that is publicly available as well as information developed in-house. Information gathered, and materials used in preparation of this calculator have been gathered from reputable sources. Tesah Capital Limited, however does not warrant the accuracy, reasonableness and/or completeness of the information used to develop the Calculator. While due consideration has been exercised in the development of the calculator by making reference to the markets and information from other sources , Tesah Capital Limited, its directors, officers and managers do not warrant the completeness or guarantee that the achieved computations are accurate and as such do not accept any liability, losses and damages arising out of the use or in respect of anything done in reliance of the calculator and recommend that you seek independent professional advice before making any financial decision. The examples do not purport to represent the performance of any security or investments. In view of individual nature of tax consequences, each investor is advised to consult his/ her own professional tax advisor before taking any investment decision.

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