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Banks in Ghana Rankings for Q3’2020

Banks in Ghana Rankings for Q3’2020

Tesah Ranking


The bank rankings were based on the financial statements released by the banks for the first nine (9) months of 2020. The rankings focused on twenty-one (21) banks out of the 23 commercial banks in Ghana, as the financials of OmniBSIC and Prudential were unavailable at the time of the analysis. The rankings emanated from an assessment of the creditworthiness and performance of the banks using the Capital Adequacy, Asset Quality, Management, Earnings and Liquidity (CAMEL) framework. The rankings are from 1 – 5 with 1 being the best and 5 being the worst.

EcoBank Ghana, Standard Chartered Bank and GT Bank were the top three (3) banks with strong performances during the quarter under review. On the other hand, Republic Bank Ghana, Universal Merchant Bank and Agricultural Development Bank were the least ranked banks based on the CAMEL components.


Standard Chartered Bank1.751
Ecobank Ghana1.802
Guaranty Trust Bank 1.802
ABSA Ghana1.904
Zenith Bank Ghana1.904
Stancic Bank2.106
Fidelity Bank Ghana2.106
GCB Bank2.158
CAL Bank2.409
Access Bank Ghana2.6010
Consolidated Bank Ghana2.6010
First National Bank2.9012
Société Générale Bank Ghana3.1013
United Bank of Africa3.1013
First Bank of Nigeria3.7015
First Atlantic Bank Ghana3.7015
Bank of Africa3.8017
Republic Bank Ghana 3.9018
Universal Merchant Bank 3.9018
Agricultural Development Bank 3.9018
Prudential BankN/AN/A

ABG –Access Bank Ghana, BOA – Bank of Africa, CBG – Consolidated Bank Ghana, EGH – EcoBank Ghana, FABL – First Atlantic Bank Ghana, FBN – First Bank of Nigeria, FID – Fidelity Bank Ghana, FNB – First National Bank, GT – Guaranty Trust Bank, PRUD – Prudential Bank Ghana, RBGH – Republic Bank Ghana, SCB – Standard Chartered Bank, SOGE – Société Générale Bank Ghana, STAN – Stanbic Bank, UBA – United Bank of Africa, UMB – Universal Merchant Bank, ZEN – Zenith Bank Ghana.

Source: Tesah Capital

DISCLAIMER: This is published solely for informational purposes. All expressions of opinion are subject to change without notice. The information is obtained from internal and external sources which NDK Capital Limited considers reliable but has not independently verified such information and does not guarantee that it is accurate or complete.

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