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Performance of Selected African Stock Markets in 2020

Tesah Stock Market

The year 2020 started out on a good note for most African stock markets, with opportunities and investment prospects catching the attention of both local and foreign investors. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, resulted in a reduction in market activities and various indexes turned red by close of year 2020. Selling pressures intensified […]

Exchange Rate Performance: Selected African Countries in 2020

It’s been a volatile stretch for the currency market in 2020 following the general slowdown in economic activities resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. In this article, Tesah Capital analyzed the performance of sixteen (16) currencies on the Africa continent. The Ivory Coast’s CFA against the Dollar averaged USD/XOF 574.45 throughout the year at a YTD appreciation rate […]

Consistent Dividend Paying Stocks on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE)

A number of listed companies on the GSE regularly pay out a portion of their profits to shareholders which is referred to as dividends. Paying dividends usually sends a message about a company’s future prospects and financial strength. Dividend payments may be in the form of cash, shares or property and are usually paid annually […]